I used to publish a sort of description of me here.

I always thought my CV doesnt say much about me, about who I am, so I wrote something about me I considered important at that time. 
I wrote that description years ago. Since the old description wasn
t representative anymore, I thought it was necessary to write a new description, more suited for who I am now. I tried. I started a few times, but nothing seemed to feel relevant.
I don
t think I can write a new description of me. I think I know why.

I changed a lot since I started to understand and respect that I DONT KNOW. We live by a set of rules people invented because of their need to feel secure. Knowing gives us this comfortable feeling of security. People needed to know what is Right and what is Wrong, so they invented the law and the moral rules. We started to believe in them, as if they were truths. But they arent truths. When we start to believe in our mind projected stuff, we lose contact with Reality. We create The World of How Things Should Be, in our mind, and then ask Reality to fit into it. We plan, we define, and were not open to see what really is.

We create so many rules, categories, definitions, to put everything into a place we can control, and ultimately, to determine what is Right and what is Wrong. Right and Wrong exist, but they dont fit into the rules we invented.
Right and Wrong are relative to each individual and for each situation.

What I can say about me is that I followed my heart and chose to live the way I felt was right. I shook off all the stupid rules I had in my mind, and I became open to what Real Life offered me, instead of trying to make my life fit into the Life Image I projected from all those rules.

I am an individual, my freedom and rights are protected even by the law. People who dont respect individual freedom will show me their moral rules to prove Im wrong. You shouldnt live like that, its wrong, you have to live
like this.

Its difficult to keep our freedom, teh freedom we were born with.  We are taught to live the way people decided its safer for them. People also manipulate with the rules they invented. Some are honest, believing in a doctrine. Some use the rules for their own benefit. Either way, they disrespect peoples liberties, they disrespect Freedom. Im not talking about The Law, we all have to respect the law or suffer the legal consequences. Im talking about the moral rules and the expectations the moral rules generate.

The truth is nobody knows anything. This is Reality. But it takes a huge amount of courage to live in a place governed by relativity. You dont own anything here, nothing lasts forever and nothing is always true or right.
People don
t want to live in this place, they want to feel secure.

I dont know if Im there yet, but Im close. Maybe thats why I cant write my description anymore




I dont know where I am going.
Without control of any sort,
I feel fine like this, not knowing,
without illusions for support.


I used to run away from me
I was afraid to live like this
But now I fly and I am free
and I am finally at peace.


At peace with real life, with pain.
Accepting pain along with him,
accepting feeling I
m insane
while waiting for another dream.


If I block the pain, its over;
I close the door to him as well.
I keep it open for my lover
although it hurts like fuckin


I might sound crazy, but its me.
The real me behind the fear.
I wouldn
t know what life should be
s like reality: unclear.

© Pop Cristina Claudia.











NAME:  Cristina  Claudia  

DATE OF BIRTH:  20-07-1980



„Brombozoidale”: Special, Artistic & Unique









2007- 2010 - Ph.D. "Alexandru Ioan Cuza" University Iasi

(Doctor in Philosophy –Aesthetics)

2005-2007 - University of the Arts "George Enescu"  Iasi

Master (theory) in Visual Arts             

2001-2005 - University of the Arts "George Enescu"  Iasi

Faculty: Visual Arts

Specialty: "Mural Art "

1996-1999 - Arts High School  "George Apostu"  Bacau

Classes X – XII

1992-1996 - Arts High School  "Nicolae Tonitza"  Bucharest

Classes VI – IX



Ph.D. (Bologna System) day classes, scholarship all years.

(public presentation on 5th of November 2010,

passed and conferred on the title of Doctor in Philosophy)

Dissertation – visual arts -Title : How to find an evaluation

method for the contemporary arts. grade: 10     

Master (theory)-day classes, chief of promotion, years’ final grade  10

License specialty:- Mural Art , final grade: 9,75

Faculty: day classes, Mural Art, years’ final grade:  9

Professional Certificate- Monumental painting, grade:  10

III rd prize for caricature, Poster, Graphics and Caricature Contest

hosted by "Romsilva" Bacau, in 1997

Degree of excellence, Atelier 35 Exhibition, Alfa Gallery, Bacau, 2009

Cambridge Proficiency Certificate (C)



2012 - Saloanele Moldovei Exhibition, Chisinau (Nominalised for prize)

2012 - Saloanele Moldovei Exhibition, Bacau

2012 - Personal Exhibition Alchemy Lesson, Casa Arte, Bucharest

2012 - Group Exhibition Woman, Alfa Gallery, Bacau

2012 - Atelier 35 Exhibition, Alfa Gallery, Bacau

2010 - Atelier 35 Exhibition, Frunzetti Gallery, Bacau

2010 - Saloanele Moldovei Exhibition, Bacau

2010 - Saloanele Moldovei Exhibition, Chisinau

2009 -  Saloanele Moldovei Exhibition, Bacau

2009 -  Atelier 35 Exhibition, Alfa Gallery, Bacau

2009 -  Atelier 35 Exhibition, World trade Center, Iasi         

2008 - Saloanele Moldovei Exhibition, Bacau

2008 - Atelier 35 Exhibition, History Museum, Bacau

2007 - Young roumanian artists at Balchik Exhibition, Sutu Palace Bucharest

2007 - Duo Personal  Exhibition, Elizeu Hotel, Bucharest

2006 - Group Exhibition, Comedy Theatre, Bucharest

2006 - Permanent  Exhibition, Casa Cartii, Iasi     

2006 - Atelier 35 Exhibition, Alfa Gallery, Bacau

2005 - Anuala membrilor Uniunii Artistilor Plastici Exhibition

World Trade Center, Iasi                                                                                      

2005 - The Contest of the young roumanian artists Exhibition

Operetta Theatre "Ion Dacian", Bucharest

2003 -  Semestriala facultatii de arte  Exhibition,  Artes Hall, Iasi.

2002 -  Semestriala facultatii de arte  Exhibition, Artes Hall, Iasi.

2001 -  Semestriala facultatii de arte  Exhibition,  Artes Hall, Iasi.  

1999 -  Graduate Exhibition, promotion 1999, Alfa Gallery, Bacau 

1997 -  Luna Padurii Contest’s Exhibition, Bacau    

1997 -  Personal Exhibition Romanian’s village rebirth, PNTCD residence, Bacau.

1997 -  Personal Exhibition Pop & Popa,  Bacau.

1997 -  Romanian Art High Schools Exhibition,  Alfa Gallery, Bacau

1996 -  The Exhibition of Poiana Sarata Creation Camp



2012 - Mural Decoration, "all secco" technique – private home- Bacau

2006 - Mural Decoration, "all secco" technique– "Brombozoidal"

Restaurant wall in "Rosu" Vacation Village, Danube Delta.

2006  - Mural Decoration, "all secco" technique

Bungalow in "Rosu" Vacation Village, Danube Delta.

2005 - Mural Decoration, "all secco" technique - "Red Apples"

"Parcul Trandafirilor" Restaurant - Bacau  

2005 - 6 Mural Decorations ensemble, "all secco" technique

"Bar Bracing", Parcul Trandafirilor-  Bacau                                                

2003 - Mural Decoration, "all secco" technique – software company- Bucharest

2002 - Mural Decoration, "all secco" technique – private home- Bacau

2000 - Mural Decoration, "all secco" technique – private home- Bacau

1999 - Mural Decoration, "all secco" technique – Pedagogic High School- Bacau



(Art and Philsophy):

2010 - "Sketches and ideas" ISBN 978-606-583-013-4

2007 - "How to find an evaluation method for the contemporary arts" 

Aesthetics paper ISBN 978-973-7719-37-9

2007 - "What is Beauty?" ISBN 978-973-7719-53-0

2007 - "What is Art?" ISBN 978-973-7719-48-4

2007 - "Twelve hours" (philosophical thoughts)

Poetry volume. ISBN 978-973-7719-38-7


(Other publications):

2008 - "The evaluation of Art’s interpretation.", Hermenia Magazine no 7, 2007

Publisher: Academic Foundation AXIS Iasi


2007 - "5 minutes" – Short Prose. ISBN 978-973-7719-00-X

2004 - Colouring book with riddles ISBN 973 86313-8-6




Evaluation methods for the contemporary arts (PhD Thesis)

SPOTLESS (illustrations, book, toys, animation script)

Rewriting TAO TE CHING

One day in the Forest -Trilogy- (illustrated book, toys, animation script)

Lessons of Life: Short stories as giftable illustrated mini-books

The Alchemy Lesson (book)




Foreign Languages:

English (Cambridge Proficiency Certificate)

French: Good


Photoshop, Word, Powerpoint...



10-06-2014 - 12-07-2014

Summer School Teacher (Volunteer)

Oblio Kindergarten


-creating the school curriculum (along with the team)

-creating the art, photo, science and games classes.

-teaching art, photo and science classes.

-taking photos at the class

-posting the photos on the internet (with descriptions and tags)

-creating and editing advertising posters in Photoshop

-marketing campaigns in schools and kindergartens (with the team)

-other: Fairy role for an anniversary, Photoshop editing



2015-2016 school year

Art Teacher (5-8 y.o)

Hobby Club Bacau


-creating the art classes.

-teaching the art classes.

-taking photos of the paintings

-posting them on the internet

Link to The Album I made with all the kids' paintings:



2005 - present:

nurse, maid and cook for an immobilized person.





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